Buggy Ride in Agafay Desert Marrakech

For those who have a penchant for both driving buggies and the allure of the desert, we present an exceptional opportunity. Spend a full day traversing the breathtaking Agafay desert in these four-wheel marvels. Renowned as one of the most captivating terrains to explore by four-wheelers, Agafay Desert becomes your playground.

Our fleet includes CAN-AM versions tailored to accommodate two adventurers. Whether it's a romantic escapade with your partner, a thrilling journey with a friend, or an unforgettable family outing, these buggies are your ticket to exploring the rocky valleys of this remarkable natural wonder. Embrace the heat of the afternoon sun as you navigate through untamed landscapes that radiate undeniable beauty.

Should your group have varied preferences, fear not – we offer alternative transportation modes. The versatile quad seamlessly integrates with the buggy experience, ensuring everyone can partake in the adventure without compromise.

As is our tradition, each adventure extends an opportunity to engage with the local Berber community. Delight in the richness of classic Moroccan cuisine as you share a meal with these welcoming locals. For those seeking an extended experience, spending the night amidst the desert's embrace allows you to witness the stars shining even brighter, crafting memories that will forever illuminate your journey.

Unleash your inner adventurer with a buggy ride in Agafay Desert. Discover the magic of the desert's terrain as you navigate through its splendor. Book your unforgettable journey today and let the thrill and beauty of Agafay Desert captivate your senses.

Agafay Desert


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